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 Manufacturer's Limited Warranty Thank you for purchasing Weed Chaps. We have designed and provided a product that when used as designed, should meet the expectations of the customer. Weed Chaps are hand made in the USA from quality materials and have proven to show durability and value, while being affordable to the user.

  • Weed Chaps are a heavy grade, vinyl clothing barrier protecting from grass, stains, moisture, light debris such as dirt particulate and wood chips.

  • Weed Chaps are moisture resistance and provide an outer, front and side of leg barrier.

  • Weed Chaps are NOT chemical resistant to Acids or Caustics.

  • Weed Chaps are NOT puncture proof. Direct contact with high rpm equipment should be avoided,

  • Weed Chaps are NOT designed as a body armor to protect body parts. They are a clothing protector, only.

  • Weed Chaps boot style are designed for turf and grass, as the nibs will wear out faster on concrete and rocky surfaces.


  • Limited Warrantee/Disclaimer: The manufacturer limits the warrantee for a period of one year for workmanship and craftsmanship and soley retains the right to replace or repair your product. The manufacturer, dealers, and representatives are not responsible for any injury that is a result or its use. Weed chaps are an outer clothing barrier to light environmental conditions. Should you have questions or concerns with your product, please call us for assistance.


 Product Use and Care Weed Chaps associates recommended the following: Use a proper size and sole of chaps, Don/Doff the chaps just before/after each job to a comfortable fit, avoid a prolonged contact with gas and oils, do not use with chemicals, clean with soap and warm water and hang to dry after each use. Keep velcro straps from build-up.

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